I teach different classes at The Burbank Adult School. I also offer professional private instruction. Here is a list of the classes that I offer:


BEAUTY & HIGH FASHION Total hours-117

13 weeks, 3 days a week, 3 hours a day

Offered at the Burbank Adult School, and Privately
Students will learn:
  • Beauty and Glamour Makeup
  • High Fashion/Avant Garde Makeup
  • Makeup for Film and Television
  • Corrective Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Period Makeup, 18th century-present
  • Headshot Makeup
  • Makeup for black and white photography and film
  • Runway makeup
  • Makeup for cosmetic lines
  • Ethnic Makeup
  • Stage Makeup


    You will learn how to properly use an airbrush and compressor, along with body paint(painting on tattoos, body art, stage decorations, etc.). We will cover everything from general highlighting/shadowing/body sculpting to high fashion avant guarde airbrushing. You will also learn how to do basic foundation and cover up with the airbrush for the face, and body along with the covering of tattoos

AIRBRUSH Total hours-40

Either 5 (full-time) 8 hour days, or 10 (part-time) 4 hour days/nights (for night classes)

Offered Privately

     CHARACTER - Special FX Makeup

    You will learn how to do bruises (all stages), burns (all degrees), how to properly make, apply, and paint bald caps, how to make, and properly apply facial hair (loose, and lace pieces). You will also learn how to make different types of blood, how to do basic cuts, scratches, and deep wounds. You will learn how to use stage dirt, and how to do a full homeless look, and junkie look. You will learn old age makeup (all different levels), full zombie makeup, bumps, veins, frostbite, a full zombie, and corpse makeup. These are all basic makeups that are used frquently in film, television, commercials, fashion, and in photoshoots.
CHARACTER Total hours-140

Either 20 (full-time) days, or 40 (part-time) days or nights

Offered Privately


   Students will learn how to use basic hairstyling tools, products, and learn how to style wigs, synthetic, and human hair. They will also learn up-do's, fashion hairstyles for runway, and print. Hairstyles for film, television, and period hairstyles from the18th century-the present. They will also learn how to do fingerwaves, and pincurls.

HAIRSTYLING Total hours-40

Either 5 (full-time) 8 hour days, or 10 (part-time) 4 hour days/nights (for night classes)

Offered at Burbank Adult School and Privately

I am very flexible with the students schedule so days and times can always be adjusted accordingly. For more information on tuition, materials, or any general questions, please contact me directly.